Sick and Shut-In

Sis Juanita Aquart
Sis. Lillie Biggs
Sis. Alice Bradley
Sis. Annie Burton
Bro. Lloyd Byrd
Sis. Clara Clark
Sis. Jessie Davis
Bro. James Dread
Bro. Charles Fairley
Sis. Perry Fountain
Bro. Bobby Bizell Fountain
Sis. Isabell Howard
Sis. Jannie Mae Jenkins
Sis. Dorothy Jones
Sis Leslie Jones
Sis. Pam Fagan Leroy
Bro. Ervin Lett
Sis Esther Liddell
Sis. Bernice Millender
Bro. Hixon Millender
Sis. Betty Moulds
Sis Norma J. Myles
Bro. Willie H. Nettles
Deacon Ed Nicholson
Bro. Henry Odoms, Sr.
Sis. Betty Jean Packer
Sis. Carrie Perkins
Sis. Annie Richardson
Sis. Thelma Simmons
Sis. Eura Smith
Sis. Wenona Waters
Bro. Edward Watson
Sis. Joyce Welch
Sis. John Ella Witherspoon

Let us not forget to pray for one another. Prayer raises up a bowed down head. Remember, we are to see after the orphans, the widows, prisoners, the sick, and the homeless.